Random: Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Still Has That Nintendo Switch On His Shelf

Nintendo Life Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has appeared on yet another live stream (this time for a GamesBeat Summit) and the Nintendo Switch that was spotted on his shelf earlier this month is still there. As you might recall, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb has previously noted how “pretty much everything” on Phil’s shelf is a … Read more

SNK’s Second Season Pass 3 Fighter For Samurai Shodown Is Out Now

Update [Thu 29th Apr, 2021 00:30 BST]: Hibiki Takane – the second fighter in season pass 3 – is now available in Samurai Shodown. SNK has also released the Version 2.20 patch notes, which you can view on the official game page. 【SAMURAI SHODOWN】HIBIKI TAKANE, the 2nd SAMURAI SHODOWN Season Pass 3 DLC character, launches … Read more

Miitopia’s New Mii Creation Tools Are Terrifyingly Powerful

It’s been a long, long, long, long time since any new Mii creation tools were introduced — we’re all pretty much using the same technology from the Wii days — but Miitopia, of all things, might be about to change that. See, it turns out that Nintendo aren’t just re-releasing an old, weird 3DS game … Read more

Second Extinction (Game Preview): What to Know Before Taking Earth Back from Mutated Dinosaurs – Xbox Wire

Summary Xbox players can join the fight today in Second Extinction (Game Preview) and follow along with the community using #ReclaimEarth on Twitter. The game is releasing today via the Xbox Game Preview program and with Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC. Before we throw you to the dinosaurs, there’s a few things that … Read more

Fight Your Friends in the Fast-Paced Shooter Cymatically Muffed – Xbox Wire

Summary Fast-paced top-down shooter Cymatically Muffed is available for Xbox One today. Take down a headphone-stealing scientist in the Co-Op Campaign. Or fight everyone you know in the best 2-8 player PvP games around. Don’t you hate it when you wake up and some scientist has experimented on you and stolen your headphones? It’s time for a … Read more

Random: This Incredible Animal Crossing Short Will Make You Feel Bad About Auctioning Off Your Villagers

Whomst among us hasn’t been seduced by the call of Bells into selling our “in boxes” villagers to rich strangers? In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons short animation, artist Densle imagines what might happen if the villagers themselves were aware of what you were doing, and how they might show their displeasure at being treated … Read more

Learn the Lore of Necromunda: Hired Gun – Xbox Wire

Welcome to the world of our fast-paced, brutal fire-person shooter, Necromunda: Hired Gun, coming June 1 to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. On behalf of Streum On Studio, let me take you through the colossal super-cities that delve deep into the planet Necromunda, where millions live and die every day in the countless factories … Read more

Assetto Corsa Competizione British GT Pack DLC Launches Today on Xbox One – Xbox Wire

The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce that the Assetto Corsa Competizione British GT Pack DLC is available today on Xbox One. We know our community have been asking for this DLC for a while now, so it’s exciting to finally be able to bring you this news. For those new to Assetto Corsa … Read more

Talking Point: Why Did Nintendo Give Up On Its ‘Classic Edition’ Concept So Soon?

© Nintendo Life We don’t exist in a bubble here at Nintendo Life, and there’s many a time we’ve glanced over other sites and spotted a feature that makes us jealous we didn’t think of writing it first. One such piece is this excellent RetroBeat feature by Mike Minotti over on VentureBeat, which asks one … Read more