Random: Nintendo’s Latest Switch Update Blocked Some Inappropriate Nicknames

Nintendo rolled out its latest firmware update for the Switch yesterday (version 10.2.0) and while apparently all it did was improve the overall system stability to enhance the user’s experience, as always there’s a little bit more that’s been uncovered.

According to the well-known data miner OatmealDome, some “racially charged terms” – which we won’t repeat here – can no longer be used. The nicknames “coronavirus” and “covid” are also no longer acceptable. Twitter user @Akfamilyhome captured a screenshot:

GameXplain took a closer look at the before and after state and confirmed version 10.1.0 allows you to input the word “covid” as a nickname, and as of update 10.2.0 it’s considered to contain “inappropriate language”.

So, there you go – Nintendo has wiped out all references to COVID-19 on its system. Have you updated your Switch yet? Noticed anything else? Tell us down below.

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