Expect To Hear More About Zelda’s 35th Anniversary This Summer, Says Industry Insider

Last week marked Zelda’s 35th anniversary and apart from the reveal of Skyward Sword HD and some themed Joy-Con, in terms of full games, there’s been nothing else announced. It’s left a lot of fans wondering what’s going on – with many celebrating the big occasion by themselves. So, what is happening? Industry insider and … Read more

Nintendo Ignored Zelda’s 35th Anniversary This Weekend, But Fans Are Celebrating In Style

Nintendo Yesterday, 21st February, marked the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, the very first game in one of the industry’s most successful, popular, and important series. Despite heavily celebrating Mario’s 35th last year with remastered games, merchandise, and more, Nintendo has been surprisingly quiet on the Zelda front, failing to even acknowledge the … Read more

Rumour: Zelda’s 35th Anniversary Will See The Return Of Wind Waker And Twilight Princess

If the reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD wasn’t the exact HD release you were hoping for from Nintendo, don’t worry – as there are apparently other Zelda games returning to mark 35 years of the series. According to VGC journalist, Andy Robinson, Nintendo fans can be on the lookout for Wind … Read more

Nintendo Is Releasing Another Limited Supply Pin Set For Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary

To celebrate Super Mario’s 35th last year, Nintendo offered a special anniversary pin set on My Nintendo in North America and Canada. You had to complete so many missions on the site and from there you were eligible to receive your very own set. It’s now revealed all the details for the second Super Mario … Read more

Feature: What Does Nintendo Have Planned For Zelda’s 35th Anniversary?

The 35th anniversary year of Super Mario Bros. will soon draw to a close and although Nintendo have extended the celebrations to 31st March 2021 (a day which Mario himself will do well to survive, it seems), 2021 marks the 35th birthday of the next-most celebrated series in the Kyoto company’s catalogue: The Legend of … Read more

Dragon Quest Creator Promises “All Sorts Of Announcements” For 35th Anniversary

Next year, Square Enix’s long-running JRPG series Dragon Quest turns 35 years old. So, what can we expect? According to the creator, Yuji Horii, there’ll be all sorts of announcements. Here’s exactly what he had to say at this year’s Dragon Quest X Fall Festival about the upcoming anniversary: “Next year, Dragon Quest will celebrate … Read more

PowerA Continues Mario’s 35th Anniversary Celebrations With Three New Switch Controllers

Following on from PowerA’s new Switch controller designs in September, it’s now got three more officially licensed Mario themed ones on the way. There’s an enhanced wireless pro controller, an enhanced wired pro controller, and a wireless GameCube style controller. According to listings on Amazon, all three controllers will be released on 30th October and … Read more

Today’s The Big Day – Happy 35th Anniversary, Mario!

35 years ago today, on 13th September 1985, the original Super Mario Bros. launched for the Famicom in Japan. Nobody could have predicted just how successful Nintendo’s main mascot would become, especially 35 years down the line, but here we are, looking at one of the most instantly recognisable faces in gaming and – arguably … Read more

Puma Looks Ready To Pounce On Super Mario’s 35th Anniversary With Some Nintendo-Branded Sneakers

Not modelled after the plumber’s own sensible footwear, we might add. In recent years we’ve seen sportswear giant Puma getting in on the vidya game action with various crossovers: a couple of years back there was a line of Sonic-styled sneakers, and last year the company teamed up with the Tetris company for a fetching … Read more

Rumour: Super Mario Remasters To Be Announced This Month, But Won’t Launch On Mario’s 35th

© Nintendo Mario turns 35 this year (the NES original hit Japan on September 13th, 1985), but it would seem that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has scuppered the plans Nintendo had to celebrate this milestone. As has been reported by numerous sources, the company is working on a Switch collection which includes remastered versions of … Read more