Feature: Cyber Shadow Dev On 8-Bit Classics And How We Can Thank Yacht Club For The Switch Launch

It’s true that there’s no shortage of retro-inspired, nostalgia-drenched Switch games to enjoy these days. It’s something of a golden age for anyone who loves the pixel aesthetic, tight controls, incredible chiptunes and purity of classic NES games from the ’80s and early-’90s. Now there’s a new kid on the block, and despite the competition … Read more

Mini Review: Tanuki Justice – A Short And Sweet Homage To 8-Bit Run ‘N’ Gunners

Don’t jump out of your seats too quickly here, folks — Tanuki Justice has nothing to do with Mario’s Tanooki suit. Developed by Wonderboy Bobi, this 2D run ‘n’ gun platformer actually shares a lot more in common with classic Mega Man games, albeit with slightly more frenetic gameplay. It’s a fun, challenging experience (particularly … Read more

Scratch That 8-Bit Itch With Panzer Paladin, Side-Scrolling Onto Switch This Month

Tribute Games has revealed that Panzer Paladin will be bringing its retro-inspired platforming action to Switch on 21st July. The game has you piloting your very own Paladin power armour to fight off giant demons and use their own weapons against them. There’s a core swordplay mechanic present throughout, and players can equip and use … Read more