Mario, Link And Bowser Star In This ’90s Nintendo Commercial, Complete With Disney-Standard Animation

A classic ’90s commercial for Nintendo has surfaced online, giving us an insight into how the company won the hearts, minds and wallets of an entire generation of players. The commercial was issued by Roses Discount Stores for its “World of Nintendo” range, which not only included video games but a whole host of merchandise, … Read more

Pre-Orders Go Live For Moon, The ’90s ‘Anti-RPG’ Launching In The West For The Very First Time

For the first time since it originally launched back in 1997, players in the west are finally on the verge of being able to play Moon, the cult classic ‘anti-RPG’ that was only ever released in Japan. The Switch eShop listing for the game is now live, meaning you can go ahead and pre-purchase it … Read more

Embrace The ’90s When 2D Platformer Pixboy Jumps Onto Switch This Week

Launching on Nintendo Switch later this week is Pixboy, a retro-inspired platformer that’s sure to flood you with lovely ’90s-based nostalgia. With a limited colour palette, groovy chiptune music and plenty of platforming to beat, Pixboy really is giving us the retro vibes in the trailer above. The game features 40 levels with nearly 30 … Read more

Guard Duty Is A Love Letter To ’90s Comedy Point-And-Click Games, And It’s Coming To Switch

If you’re a fan of classic point-and-click games that were all the rage in the ’90s, you might want to keep an eye on Guard Duty. The game’s set to launch on Switch next week and is said to be a love letter to the point-and-click genre’s humorous side. Players will take on the role … Read more