Disability Advocates Discuss Accessibility In Games In This New BBC Audio Documentary

In “Unplayable: Disability and the Gaming Revolution“, a BBC audio documentary released on 28th January, 2021, Steve Saylor, a blind gamer, talks about seeing the NES on a high shelf in a game store one day while shopping with his mum. He remembers getting it in his hands and thinking, “this is the coolest thing … Read more

Hori Releases Accessibility Controller For The Nintendo Switch

Hori Following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive controller, Japanese accessory manufacturer Hori has released its very own accessibility controller designed for the Nintendo Switch. Introducing the Nintendo licensed “HORI Flex” Switch and joystick interface. As you can see, it’s got all sorts of jacks and USB ports, and can be wired to a … Read more

How HyperDot Made Waves in Accessibility Research – Xbox Wire

HyperDot is a minimal action arcade game with one rule: dodge everything. The game is fiendishly difficult — as players progress through the 100-level campaign, the simple task of “dodge everything” becomes more and more of a challenge. Solo developer Charles McGregor created his own behind-the-scenes challenge by committing to make HyperDot both difficult and … Read more