Hate Zips? Then This Magnet-Powered Nintendo Switch Carry Bag Could Be For You

Given how successful the Switch has been, it’s understandable that we’ve seen quite a few carry case options arrive on the market. However, the MagGo offers something a little different; instead of fiddly zips and clasps, it uses magnets. Boasting a “patent-pending magnetic connection system”, the MagGo “allows users to enjoy gaming anytime and anywhere” … Read more

Hori Is Launching A New Monster Hunter Rise Split Pad Pro Controller For Switch

Accessory maker Hori has announced that it’ll soon be launching a brand new edition of its popular Split Pad Pro controller for Nintendo Switch, and this time the design’s based on none other than Monster Hunter Rise. A decent alternative for those who find Nintendo’s regular Joy-Con to be a little too small and fiddly, … Read more

Guide: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For February And March 2021

We’re now one entire month into 2021 and it’s becoming clearer with each passing day that this year may turn out to be ‘2020: Part Deux’. The good gamers of the world are in need of diversion more than ever, and fortunately there are some rather fabulous-looking Switch games coming over the next month or … Read more

Genki: ShadowCast Kickstarter Ends With Almost $2 Million Raised

Update: The Kickstarter campaign has ended, and Genki has utterly smashed its initial goal of $30,000, raising a total of $1,931,677 from 30,382 backers. We’re you one of them? Original Story [Wed 23rd Dec, 2020 05:00 GMT]: Human Things has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a device called the Genki: ShadowCast and it’s already … Read more

Monster Hunter Rise Is Getting Its Very Own Pro Controller For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo, as you might have heard, has announced a special edition Monster Hunter Rise Switch bundle. If you would be more interested in a standalone controller, you’re in luck. Alongside this new themed console, it’s also revealed a brand new Pro Controller. Like the Switch, it’s got a themed decal. The controller will launch on … Read more

PowerA Is Releasing Two New Animal Crossing Controllers For Switch

PowerA The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch is extremely beautiful, but if you own it, you might be a little peeved that there’s no matching Pro Controller. Peeve no more, friends: PowerA has unveiled a couple of new wired Switch Pro Controllers designed around Isabelle and Tom Nook. Now you can get your sweaty hands … Read more

Guide: Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games And Accessories For January And February 2021

Nintendo Happy New Year everyone! With 2020 finally in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming video game releases in the first weeks of this fresh new year. Over the holidays we took a look at 30 upcoming Switch games we’re looking forward to, but below we’ve rounded up the biggest … Read more

Introducing Genki: ShadowCast, The “Simplest Way” To Connect Your Switch To A Laptop

Human Things has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a device called the Genki: ShadowCast and it’s already well and truly smashed its goal of $30,000. In just hours, the team has already got more than $300,000 worth of pledges and the device itself is priced at $39 USD. So, what does this device do … Read more

Cuphead Is Getting His Very Own PowerA Enhanced Wireless Switch Controller

We might not be getting Cuphead‘s ‘Delicious Last Course’ DLC this year, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to go without any Cuphead-themed goodness over the holiday season. According to a listing on Amazon, PowerA will be releasing a Nintendo Switch Enhanced Wireless Controller based on StudioMDHR’s run and gun. It’s the same controller … Read more

Pokémon Shirts Expands To Include Pokémon Masks, All 151 Original Monsters Included

Following on from the successful launch of its smart Pokémon Shirts range, Original Stitch is now selling masks featuring the original 151 Pokémon. The new site allows you to choose from all your favourite generation one Pokémon on the front side, and then one of four colours of breathable mesh fabric on the back (white, … Read more