Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Achievements Revealed – Xbox Wire

Summary The complete list of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition achievements are revealed below Age III: DE features stunning 4K Ultra HD graphics, enhanced audio, and includes all previously released expansions plus two all-new civilizations Pre-load today with Xbox Game Pass for PC and get ready to play starting October 15 On October 15, … Read more

Battletoads Achievements Revealed – Xbox Wire

Achievement Name Achievement Description Points Toads in a Hole Complete Feed the Fantasy. 10 Road Rash Complete To the Queen. 10 Parks & Recreational Violence Complete At the Carn-Evil. 10 Enough Toying Around Complete So That’s How That Works. 10 Should Get the Pants First Complete Time for Plan B. 30 Came, Sawed, Conquered Complete … Read more

Gears Tactics Achievements Revealed – Xbox Wire

World on Fire Secret Achievement 5 Hell of a shot Secret Achievement 10 The bigger they are, the harder they fall Secret Achievement 10 Maybe too much spine… Secret Achievement 10 Broken hand, broken heart Secret Achievement 20 Dead men tell no tales Secret Achievement 20 Champion of Vasgar Complete all Campaign Acts (any difficulty). … Read more