Prepare to Sail the Seas in Pirate Action RPG Under the Jolly Roger – Xbox Wire

Ahoy! Have you ever dreamed about becoming a pirate? Have you ever imagined fighting with your faithful team side-by-side and steering the ship through storms and reefs? Now it’s possible! Under the Jolly Roger is an open-world pirate RPG that lets you become the captain of your ship, hoisting the sails, and setting off on … Read more

Epic Games To Compensate Fortnite And Rocket League Loot Box Buyers Following Class Action Lawsuit

After reaching a settlement following a class-action lawsuit in connection with random loot boxes, Epic Games has revealed that it will be awarding in-game currency to affected players of both Fortnite and Rocket League. According to details on a settlement website for the case, the lawsuit alleges that “Epic Games violated state consumer protection laws, … Read more

Nintendo To Face Another Class Action Lawsuit For Switch “Joy-Con Drift”

© Nintendo It’s now been nearly four years since the Nintendo Switch was released and it seems “Joy-Con drift” issues persist. In the latest development, Lambert Avocat Inc. – a law firm located in Quebec, Canada, has filed a Joy-Con drift class action suit application on 15th January 2021. It’s now waiting for a judge … Read more

Bloober Team Debuts Live Action Trailer for The Medium – Xbox Wire

For the upcoming launch of its psychological horror title, The Medium, Bloober Team released a live-action trailer to give a glimpse of the mystery only a medium can solve. Produced in cooperation with award-winning VFX and animation studio Platige Image, with the talented Paweł Maślona as director as well as Academy Award nominee and BAFTA-winning … Read more

Google Takes Action Against Loan Apps Abusing Customers in India

Google India on Thursday revealed that it “immediately removed” personal loan apps from Play store for violating its user safety policies. The company wrote in a blog post that it reviewed hundreds of personal loan apps in the country based on flags submitted by users and government agencies. The new move comes months after several … Read more

Review: Fatal Fury: First Contact – Lightweight Brawling Action That’s Fun In Short Bursts

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) The Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection release list keeps hopping up and down the hardware’s original timeline like a TARDIS with a major fault in its timey-wimey gubbins, resulting in Fatal Fury: First Contact, one of the handheld’s earlier fighting games, turning up on the Switch roughly two months after … Read more

Big ‘80s Action with a Huge World of Tanks Update – Xbox Wire

Summary This December brings the most expansive update to World of Tanks Console yet, including a complete refresh of the game’s interface and user experience and a new season of content: the World of Tanks: Action Heroes season. At the heart of the Action Heroes season are three new tanks for players to acquire, each … Read more

Just Cause: Mobile Free-to-Play Action Shooter Announced at The Game Awards

Just Cause: Mobile has been announced at The Game Awards and it is an isometric action-shooter set in the Just Cause universe. The Just Cause game series launched its first eponymous title back in 2006 on PC and consoles, and the latest iteration – Just Cause 4 – came out in 2018. Now, publishers Square … Read more

Review: John Wick Hex – Stylish Turn-Based Action With Too Many Rough Edges

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) John Wick Hex is a rather clever turn-based action/strategy effort that sees you step into the blood-caked boots of Keanu Reeves’ stylish and unstoppable killing machine – a man who’s always ready, willing and more than able to punch, kick, shoot and fling his gun at the heads of as … Read more

Play Action: New Look NFL Uniforms Arrive in Fortnite – Xbox Wire

Make every match feel like Sunday with Fortnite’s new Gridiron Gang Outfits. Break the huddle with your squad in these newly designed NFL uniforms in Fortnite. This season’s redesigned look features two uniforms for each NFL team so you can rep your favorite team, or even customize your jersey number to rep the star of … Read more