FAU-G Review: Needs to Add a Lot More

FAU-G has finally released on Android after months of delays. The game went live on Republic Day, January 26, and has already amassed over a million downloads. FAU-G has been developed by nCore Games, a studio based in Bangalore and promoted by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who was involved in the development as well, and … Read more

How to Find, Add and Share Christmas Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will be thronged with greetings and wishes in groups and chats, wishing each other on the merry occasion of Christmas. The instant-messaging platform is a popular choice for such exchanges, and with stickers now being supported on WhatsApp, users can get creative with their wishes and greetings. WhatsApp also recently introduced animated stickers and … Read more

Netflix May Soon Add Audio-Only Option for Background Listening

Netflix is reportedly preparing to add an audio-only feature to its Android app that is said to let users (just) listen to Netflix shows, or, listen to their shows while they do other things with their devices. A publication has been able to unearth evidence in the Netflix app for Android that mentions a background … Read more

WhatsApp Working to Add Fingerprint Security to New Web Session Creation

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that allows users to secure a new WhatsApp Web session using their fingerprint. This looks to improve the overall security of your chats, keeping others from creating new web sessions without your knowledge. This new feature was spotted to be under development in the latest beta. The … Read more

How to Find, Add, and Share Independence Day Stickers on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular choice for greetings of any kind, and Independence Day 2020 is no exception. Users will throng groups and chats with messages today, wishing each other, sharing patriotic messages, and even stickers and GIFs. Stickers in particular, have become a popular choice of expression, especially during special occasions and festivals.  Therefore, on this … Read more

Ninjala Season 2 And 3 To Add New Stages, Weapons, Spectator Mode And More

If you’ve been enjoying your first few days with Ninjala, you’ll be excited to know that the developers have plenty more content up their sleeves, all ready to be unleashed in new, upcoming seasons. Details for both Season 2 and Season 3 have now been revealed, including teases for new stages, weapons, costumes, Season Passes … Read more

Samsung to Add New Memory Chip Line in South Korea

Samsung Electronics said on Monday it has begun construction of a new domestic production line for NAND flash memory chips, betting on demand for personal computers and servers as the coronavirus prompts more people to work from home. The world’s largest memory chip maker is targeting the second half of next year to mass produce … Read more

Streets Of Rage 4 Dev Wanted To Add Shinobi’s Joe Musashi, But Got Rejected By Sega

Streets of Rage 4 is already an awesome game, but it could have even better if Sega Japan approved one idea from Guard Crush game designer Jordi Asensio. During a live stream interview on the Twitch channel Gwak, Asensio explained how he wanted Joe Musashi from the Shinobi series and other Sega characters to appear … Read more

OnePlus OxygenOS Will Add These 5 New Features: All You Need to Know

OnePlus smartphones’ OxygenOS is set to receive five new exciting features including the most awaited – Always-On display. However, the Chinese tech company will start testing these features in the upcoming months, and their stable rollout is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2021. OnePlus also confirmed that these features were shortlisted … Read more

Telegram Will Add ‘Secure Group Video Calls’ Feature Soon

Telegram Messenger is aiming to introduce a ‘secure group video calls’ feature on the app this year. The development was announced by the company last week, where it indicated that due to the novel coronavirus lockdown across several countries, there’s a “need for a trusted video communication tool.” Telegram also announced the rollout of several … Read more