Borderlands 3 Broken Heart’s Day Event, Director’s Cut Add-on, and More Coming to Xbox – Xbox Wire

Prepare yourself for another huge dose of Borderlands 3 mayhem because we’re not slowing down: The fan favorite Broken Hearts Day event returns February 11, free to everyone who owns a copy of the game; the award-winning narrative adventure game Tales From The Borderlands returns on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S via backward compatibility … Read more

Looks Like You’ll Be Able To Adjust How Much Bowser Jr. Helps You In Super Mario 3D World’s New Add-On

© Nintendo Nintendo’s Super Mario 35th anniversary Twitter account has shared some new information about Bowser’s Fury. This new add-on to the Switch version of Super Mario 3D World, which Nintendo has described as a “short but action-packed” standalone adventure will apparently include an option in one of the game menus to adjust the amount … Read more

Video: Uncovering The WorkBoy – The Long Lost Nintendo Game Boy Add-On

Video game historian and Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson has uncovered the long-lost peripheral and unreleased device known as the WorkBoy. The WorkBoy – for those that don’t know – was an add-on for the Game Boy that turned Nintendo’s famous handheld device into a PDA – essentially a small personal computer. Robertson has gone … Read more

Hell Yes! DOOM And DOOM II Just Got Another Add-On, And It’s Out Today

If you haven’t already downloaded the id Software classics DOOM and DOOM II from the Switch eShop, what the hell are you waiting for? Now there’s even more reason to check out both of these titles – with Bethesda today another exciting add-on. Introducing Doom Zero – 32 levels featuring new enemies, bosses, sounds, music … Read more

Another Free Add-On Is Now Available For Classic Doom On Switch

Earlier this year, Bethesda added free community-created add-ons (also known as WADs) to DOOM and DOOM II. It started off with the release of unofficial fifth DOOM episode SIGIL and now, even more, are on the way. In an update on, the development team announced it had released another free add-on, this time for … Read more

The 64Mate – A New All-In-One N64 Storage Add-On Goes Live On Kickstarter

Do you remember the 64Mate? It’s an Australian-based project that’s described as a “new add-on” for your Nintendo 64, sits neatly under your console, and can be used to house video upscalers, peripherals, and game cartridges. The Kickstarter campaign has now officially gone live, and to reach its end goal, it requires AU$60,000 worth of … Read more