Pre-Ordered A Polymega With Walmart? We’ve Got Bad News For You

© Nintendo Life The Polymega saga rumbles on. Following news that the system’s much-delayed launch would be pushed back again into 2021, Playmaji – the company behind this all-in-one wonder console – has just revealed that anyone who pre-ordered a unit with US retailer Walmart must cancel it and re-order directly from the Polymega website. … Read more

Review: Gleamlight – An Appalling Bad Hollow Knight Clone

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) Contrary to how it may seem, it’s not very fun reviewing bad games. Sure, there’s a degree of enjoyment in being mean, but the shocking secret of criticising games that aren’t enjoyable? We still have to play them. Picking up the Switch and knowing we had to play more Gleamlight … Read more