Review: There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension – Don’t Let The Title Fool You

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) What are you doing here? We assume you’ve clicked a link under the assumption that you’re going to find a review of a game, but as you can quite clearly see from the title, there is no game. So we’d like to apologise for wasting your time here, and we’ll … Read more

Random: You Can Play Super Mario Bros. In Minecraft, As Long As You Don’t Mind 10FPS

Okay, okay, before we begin, we have to admit: the title isn’t totally factual. This Super Mario Bros. video is technically just an animation, programmed into Minecraft through clever use of Command Blocks, and the only interaction you have with it is pressing the “play” button. We’re very sorry for the little white lie. I … Read more