This Christmas, We’re Getting A NES-Like Console That Plays Physical Carts

Remember the Evercade? Blaze’s handheld was a noble attempt to revive physical media in handheld form, and since release has seen some fine collections of classic games from the likes of Namco, Jaleco and Atari – many of which are packed with NES and SNES titles. Well, the company is back with another related product … Read more

Video: Using a Mouse And Keyboard On Switch Isn’t A Good Time

There are a lot of different peripherals available for the Switch, some of which are absolutely cracking, and some of which aren’t. We recently got our hands on Kaliber Gaming’s catchily-named Keymander 2 3Play, an adapter that allows you to use a mouse and a keyboard for any game on your Switch, and blimey does … Read more