Ubisoft To Focus More On Free-To-Play Experiences Moving Forward

Alongside AAA releases by Liam Doolan 2 hours ago © Ubisoft In Ubisoft’s recent earnings call, where it was revealed the French company was the top third-party publisher on the Nintendo Switch, CFO Frederick Duguet spoke about the changing model of the publisher. It will achieve this by releasing more free-to-play titles and premium experiences … Read more

Ubisoft To Show More Love To Free-To-Play Titles Moving Forward

Will continue to compliment “strong” AAA releases and more by Liam Doolan 4 hours ago © Ubisoft In Ubisoft’s recent earnings call (where it was revealed the French company was the top third-party publisher on the Nintendo Switch), CFO Frederick Duguet spoke about the changing model of the publisher. It will achieve this by focusing … Read more

Try To Act Surprised, The Nintendo Switch Conquered Europe In 2020

© Nintendo Listen, we get it – the Switch is doing incredible business right now. Nintendo’s system took the crown in North America, Japan and the UK, and we’ve now had confirmation that it was top dog in mainland Europe, too. Sales tracker GSD (thanks, GamesIndustry.biz) – which compiles data from European territories such as … Read more

The ESA Confirms New Details About Its Upcoming All-Digital, Three-Day E3 Event

The Entertainment Software Association announced last year that they would go digital for E3 2021, which will take place between the 15th and the 17th of June. Now, amid questions on what the future of games conferences will be, they have discussed their plans for this year. Every summer since 1995, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, … Read more

Get Ready For More Remasters From Activision Blizzard In 2021

Video game powerhouse Activision Blizzard has been banking big bucks for some time now thanks to a number of remasters. We’ve seen the return of IP like Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater from Activision’s side, while Blizzard has chipped in with titles such as Warcraft III: Reforged – that one obviously didn’t go … Read more

Cloud Gaming Service Google Stadia Shuts Down Internal Development Studios

While cloud gaming appears to be slowly becoming a thing, today it’s experienced a minor setback. Google’s cloud-based service Stadia has officially closed its internal studios and will no longer be developing in-house games moving forward. In fact, it never even got a game out the door. Kotaku was the first to report on the … Read more

Ring Fit Adventure Might Be The Best-Selling New JRPG Of This Generation

Kids who grew up in the ’90s fondly remember Final Fantasy and Pokémon as their first JRPGs. Kids who grew up in the 2000s might have nostalgic feelings over Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, or Persona. Apparently, children born in the last few years will one day recall playing their favourite retro JRPG: Ring Fit … Read more

Animal Crossing Leads Switch Software Sales With 19.4 Million Copies Sold In The Last 9 Months

Nintendo has released its financials for the third quarter of the current fiscal year and the latest results have revealed that twenty-nine Switch games have sold over a million copies in the last nine months. Of this list of million-sellers, twenty of them are published by the platform holder and nine belong to third-party publishers. … Read more

Microsoft Was Simply Exploring “Every Angle” When It Approached Nintendo About A Buyout

Earlier this month, Bloomberg ran a story about how Microsoft attempted to buy out Nintendo many years ago. EA, at the time, apparently told Microsoft it had “no clue” how to make a console, while Nintendo supposedly thought Microsoft’s proposal was hilarious, according to Xbox’s former director of third party relations, Kevin Bachus. In the … Read more

Hades Takes Game Of The Year At 10th Annual New York Game Awards

Hades has been an undeniable success for Supergiant Games. Coming out of early access last September, we thought this roguelike action RPG was simply incredible – giving it 10/10 stars – and other critics agreed. Having taken Best Indie and Best Action at The Game Awards last month, the New York Game Awards has now … Read more