Ghostbusters and Studios Pack Bring Movie Magic to Planet Coaster: Console Edition – Xbox Wire

Summary Bring cinematic spectacle to Planet Coaster: Console Edition Charge your Proton Packs! The Ghostbusters are coming to Planet Coaster: Console Edition Be the director! Inspire movie magic with the Studios Pack We’re delighted to be sharing exciting news on the Planet Coaster: Console Edition‘s upcoming DLC. We’re bringing not one, but two incredible packs … Read more

Double Fine’s The Amnesia Fortnight Movie Trailer – Xbox Wire

Summary “The Amnesia Fortnight Movie” is a new feature length documentary that dives into the world of game design. Produced by 2 Player Productions, the documentary pulls the curtain back on game design at one of the industry’s most well-regarded studios. Double Fine Productions has created such iconic games as Psychonauts, Broken Age, Brütal Legend, … Read more