Switch Online Members Can Save 30% On Wireless NES Controllers (North America)

A limited-time offer by Liam Doolan 1 hour ago © Nintendo If you still haven’t got around to purchasing a pair of wireless NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch, now might be the time. Nintendo of America is currently offering Switch Online members a special deal, allowing them to save 30% on these retro replicas. … Read more

The Konami Code Turns 35 With A Special Album Of Lo-Fi Gradius Tracks

We’ve had a lot of 35th Anniversaries this year, including the Mario celebrations and the Zelda… non-celebrations, and this weekend — specifically, the 25th April, 2021 — is the birthday of the Konami Code, perhaps the most famous sequence of buttons in history (not that there’s much competition for that title). For the 35th anniversary … Read more