Nintendo’s Official UK Store Has An All-New Look

The Nintendo Official UK Store, unsurprisingly one of the UK’s best destinations for new Nintendo games and merchandise, has been treated to a complete makeover with an all-new design. The store has actually ditched its ‘Nintendo Official UK Store’ name to fall in line with the ‘My Nintendo’ branding seen in other countries. The whole … Read more

Restored Images Show Nintendo’s Headquarters As They Existed In 1970

Nintendo’s Hanafuda playing cards were printed on large sheets before being cut into individual cards (Image: via @KaihatsuYT) First founded way back in 1889, Nintendo has now been around for 131 years. The company has unsurprisingly gone through a number of major changes in that time, and a newly-restored set of photographs have given us … Read more

Random: Updated Diddy Kong Render (With Fur) Spotted On Nintendo’s Japanese Website

Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018) (Image: Nintendo) We’ve heard pretty much nothing from the Donkey Kong crew since the re-release of Tropical Freeze on the Switch in 2018, but today we’ve potentially got some exciting news for all of you Kong fans around the globe. Well, maybe… According to eagle-eyed DK enthusiast … Read more

Book Review: Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s Legendary CEO

© Nintendo Life It’s been said often that Satoru Iwata wasn’t just a CEO of a hugely successful company, he was far more. That sentiment is frequently connected to his various iconic public appearances, but more depth could be found in translations of his excellent Iwata Asks interviews and, for Japanese readers, on the Hobo … Read more

Nintendo’s Indie World Sale Discounts Some Cracking Games On Switch

As part of yesterday’s Indie World Showcase, Nintendo revealed that it was kicking off an Indie sale on the Switch eShop. The sale’s now live, and there are some great picks to be had. We’ve rounded up some of the sale’s highlights for you below, but we’d encourage you to take a few minutes to … Read more