Former Nintendo Employee Howard Phillips Is Launching A “Tell-All” Book About The Company

Retro fans will likely remember Howard “Gamemaster” Phillips. Having worked for Nintendo of America between 1981-1991, he became their spokesperson and was widely known for his vast knowledge of NES games. Now, he’s back with a new book, launching Gamemaster Classified: An Insider’s Guide to Nintendo’s Coming of Age on Kickstarter. Not to be confused … Read more

Street Fighter II Turned 30 At The Weekend

© Capcom Capcom’s seminal Street Fighter II turned 30 last weekend – a fact that makes us feel very, very old indeed. Originally launched in arcades on February 6th, 1991, the game triggered a flood of imitators throughout the early part of the decade, and spawned several ‘update’ variants in the form of Street Fighter … Read more

Channel 4 Is Resurrecting GamesMaster, The UK’s Most Popular Video Game TV Show

© Channel 4 If you’re from the UK and are over the age of 30, then chances are you’ll vividly recall tuning in to Channel 4’s GamesMaster TV show back in the ’90s. A truly revolutionary piece of television programming, the show was based around a series of challenges where members of the public and … Read more

Poll: Box Art Brawl: Duel #77 – Super Mario 64 DS

Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our poll series to find out which of two or more regional retro box art variants is the most pleasing to our modern sensibilities. Last time we observed SNES brawler Final Fight 3 as it engaged in a fierce duel between East and West. It seems that ganging up … Read more

New Windjammers 2 Trailer Reveals Arcade Mode And The Return Of Steve Miller

Following the slightly disappointing news that Windjammers 2 was delayed to 2021, we’re getting a ton of news, new trailers, and even a demo on Steam, which makes us think that maybe the frisbee-throwing game isn’t as far off as we thought. This latest trailer reveals the addition of Arcade Mode, in which players can … Read more

Gallery: Geeks Line’s NES/Famicom Anthology Is The Most Exhaustive Look At The Console Yet

© Nintendo Life French publisher Geeks Line is no stranger to a good book – it has already given us the superb N64, SNES and GameCube anthologies – and it’s rounding off this Nintendo-themed selection with an exhaustive look at the machine that started it all, the NES (or Famicom if you’re of the Japanese … Read more

Random: Dataminers Use Original Uncompressed Samples To Restore Super Mario World’s Soundtrack

The Super Nintendo game Super Mario World is already amazing, but what might have changed if there were no file size limitations back then? For starters, the iconic music might have been even better. The truth is, we’ve been listening to “heavily compressed” music in this game for many years now. Today, though, we can … Read more

Jaleco’s Ninja Kazan Is This Week’s Arcade Archives Release

Hamster is bringing some old-school ninja action to the Switch eShop this week, with its Arcade Archives release Ninja Kazan. This side-scrolling action game was originally released by Jaleco in 1988 and requires the player to set out on a journey across the world and reclaim the 5 lost secrets, in order to recover the … Read more

NES DuckTales Originally Had An Option For Scrooge To Give Up His Fortune

© Disney It’s been quite the week for retro discoveries. Alongside GoldenEye 007’s cancelled remake resurfacing online, DuckTales has been in the news after an unearthed prototype build made its way online, revealing a previously unreleased song called “Map”. As it turns out, additional elements were removed from Capcom’s acclaimed NES platformer than we’d realised. … Read more

Video: 5 Special Wii U Virtual Console Games Not on Switch

For years the Virtual Console allowed us to relive our fondest memories in gaming. Being able to download The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and play it in its original untouched state held a tremendous amount of value…but sometimes the service went above and beyond. Did you know Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario … Read more