Capcom Insider Backs Up Previous Claims Of Switch “Focused” Resident Evil Revelations 3 Release

Last year, Capcom suffered a leak revealing a game called Resident Evil Outrage was scheduled for a Q4 2021 release. As previously stated by Capcom insider Dusk Golem, this title is apparently Resident Evil Revelations 3 (or at least was originally named that at some point during development) and will be a “Switch-focused RE game” … Read more

Nintendo’s Success With Switch Made Reggie’s Retirement Decision “Easy”

Although Reggie Fils-Aimé is no longer with Nintendo, he still seems to talk about his former employer just about every week. During an interview with Gamertag Radio yesterday, Reggie was asked if he was at all surprised by the success of the Switch. It seems not – with Reggie explaining how he knew right away … Read more

Feature: Five SNK Neo Geo Pocket Games We Want To See On Switch

With excellent ports of Fatal Fury First Contact, King of Fighters R-2, Samurai Shodown! 2, Gals’ Fighters and The Last Blade soon to be joined by the magnificent SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, there’s an uncomfortable feeling that SNK’s Neo Geo Pocket library has already been picked clean before the collection’s really … Read more

Save Up To 87% In Arc System Works’ Switch Sale (North America)

© Arc System Works Publishers rarely need an excuse for a sale nowadays. Bandai Namco’s latest slate went live in North America several days ago and, not to be outdone, Arc System Works is up next. Going as high as 87%, expect to mostly find fighting games, anime adaptations and beat ’em ups in this … Read more

Panic Button Explains Why DOOM Eternal’s Cutscenes Run At 20fps On Switch

DOOM Eternal is undeniably one of the Switch’s more impressive ports. Brought across by port specialists Panic Button, gameplay successfully runs at a solid 30 frames per seconds. When compared to the PS4 and Xbox One editions, however, it took a significant visual hit. As part of this performance trade-off, cutscenes were also affected, capped … Read more

Lost WiiWare Title Space Invaders Get Even Could Come To Switch If There’s Enough Demand

We enjoyed Space Invaders Get Even when it launched in 2008 for WiiWare, giving it 8/10 stars. One of Space Invaders’ more curious spinoffs, it offered a role reversal that saw us playing the invaders, destroying cities from a UFO. Unfortunately, there’s currently no official method of playing it since the Wii Shop Channel shut … Read more

A Switch Development Unit From April 2016 Has Just Surfaced Online

It’s always fascinating to get a look at the early development stages of hardware and software. Having recently seen a prototype Game Boy Advance and early build cartridges for F-Zero X and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a Switch development unit has now surfaced from Hong Kong. This announcement comes from Forest Of … Read more

Crash Bandicoot 4 Switch eShop File Size Revealed

After multiple reports and rumours, earlier this week, Activision finally made it official – announcing Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time for the Nintendo Switch. It’s priced at $39.99 / £44.99 and will be arriving digitally and physically on 12th March. For those of you planning on getting a digital copy, you might curious to … Read more

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Has Been Rated For Nintendo Switch

© Capcom Taiwan’s Digital Game Rating Committee has recently rated a total of four games for the Nintendo Switch. The first title is The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – which is part of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series (you know, Phoenix Wright) and is apparently a two in one release, according to the infamous Capcom leak … Read more

Random: This Suggestive Bridge Made It To The Switch Version Of Super Mario 3D World

We’ve been wondering – does the concept of Not Safe For Work still apply when we’re all working from home? If not, then this rather phallic bridge is Perfectly Safe For Work, unless your boss is also in your house. As Twitter user @akfamilyhome discovered (h/t Kotaku), there’s a certain bridge in Super Mario 3D … Read more