Mario Kart Tour Confirms Bowser vs Donkey Kong Team Rally

© Nintendo Mario Kart Tour has turned out to be a successful mobile venture for Nintendo, which shouldn’t be particularly surprising. It’s reportedly passed 200 million downloads and also $200 million in player spend, so we can expect it to keep on rolling for some time yet. The latest event to be confirmed for the … Read more

Team Xbox Celebrates Earth Day: Here’s How You Can Get Involved – Xbox Wire

Sustainability is a pivotal point of focus for Microsoft and Xbox. We’re exploring new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to raise awareness with our community. Reaching our sustainability commitments will take time and a lot of work, but we believe taking consistent, incremental steps make for the surest route to everlasting impact. It’s … Read more

Nintendo Is Suing A Reported “Leader” Of The Notorious Piracy Group Team Xecuter

© Nintendo Nintendo appears to be fed up with Bowser and has decided to take some action. No, this isn’t about Mario’s archenemy or the current Nintendo of America president, Doug – we’re talking about Gary Bowser, one of the supposed leaders of the “notorious” piracy group, Team Xecuter. As you might recall, Bowser – … Read more

Team Reptile Shows Off The Fluid Movement In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Sega has seemingly abandoned the Jet Set Radio series, but its spirit lives on in the upcoming release Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. As you might recall, it’s being handled by Team Reptile – the developer behind titles such as Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze, and features music from Jet Set Radio composer, Hideki Naganuma. The … Read more