Review: There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension – Don’t Let The Title Fool You

Captured on Nintendo Switch (Handheld/Undocked) What are you doing here? We assume you’ve clicked a link under the assumption that you’re going to find a review of a game, but as you can quite clearly see from the title, there is no game. So we’d like to apologise for wasting your time here, and we’ll … Read more

Random: This Might Just Be The Longest Title We’ve Ever Seen For A Nintendo Switch Game

Japanese game company Experience has revealed the box art for an upcoming Nintendo Switch title and according to Gematsu, it’s made the name of it even longer. The original title was the following: “Monster wo Taoshite Tsuyoi Ken ya Yoroi wo Te ni Shinasai. Yuusha Tai ga Maou wo Taosu Sono Hi wo Shinjiteimasu” And … Read more