Nintendo’s Official UK Store Has An All-New Look

The Nintendo Official UK Store, unsurprisingly one of the UK’s best destinations for new Nintendo games and merchandise, has been treated to a complete makeover with an all-new design. The store has actually ditched its ‘Nintendo Official UK Store’ name to fall in line with the ‘My Nintendo’ branding seen in other countries. The whole … Read more

Nintendo Collabs With Moonpig For New Range Of Official Greetings Cards

UK-based greetings card company Moonpig has launched a brand new Nintendo range. That’s right, designs featuring the likes of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon are all available to buy as we speak, all allowing for customisation. You can throw in your own photographs and the recipient’s name to personalise your … Read more

Pokémon Happy Meals Are Returning To McDonald’s In The UK Next Month

Pikachu, coming soon! (Not as a food, though… That would be horrific.) There aren’t many things in life that can beat the good old video games and food combo, so you’ll hopefully be pleased to hear that Pokémon Happy Meals are soon returning to McDonald’s restaurants in the UK. Special Pokémon Happy Meals appeared across … Read more