Before I Forget, The BAFTA-Nominated Game About Dementia, Arrives on Switch Very Soon

© 3-Fold Games It’s possible that a good number of people reading this have some experience of dementia, perhaps through seeing a relative or loved one go through its challenges. Unsurprisingly it’s not often seen in games, but Before I Forget has received praise for its handling of the topic; previously on Steam, this narrative … Read more

Celeste’s Creators Are Working On A New “2D Explor-Action Game” With Secret Of Mana Vibes

Extremely OK Games It’s been three years since Celeste, the pixel-perfect platformer, first came out. Since then, the people who made it have banded together to create a whole new studio — Extremely OK Games — and have been hard at work on what comes next. Today, that question finally has an answer: Earthblade, a … Read more

Feature: “I Was Actually Inside Jerry Bruckheimer’s Office, Accused Of Being A Megalomaniac”

Recently, publisher Wired Productions unveiled its own ‘Direct’ in which it revealed a sizeable number of games, five of which are coming to Nintendo Switch. One that caught the eye, in part because its teaser was also visually arresting and rather vague, was The Last Worker. As a concept it’s intriguing. The setting is clearly … Read more

Konami’s Next Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Arrives In Japan This August

Yuga Ohdo – the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Update #2 [Sun 18th Apr, 2021 09:30 BST]: While there’s still no mention of a local release, Konami has now locked in an official Japanese release date for its next Yu-Gi-Oh! game, Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel. The game will arrive on 12th August, with pre-orders opening this month … Read more

Feature: Final Fantasy Veterans Discuss Their Upcoming JRPG, Astria Ascending

© Dear Villagers Announced initially in Famitsu in March and unveiled for worldwide release shortly after, Astria Ascending is a JRPG in the classic mould that has a bevy of veterans from the genre — and the Final Fantasy series in particular — involved, including narrative by Kazushige Nojima (whose credits include Final Fantasy X … Read more

Team Reptile Shows Off The Fluid Movement In Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Sega has seemingly abandoned the Jet Set Radio series, but its spirit lives on in the upcoming release Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. As you might recall, it’s being handled by Team Reptile – the developer behind titles such as Lethal League and Lethal League Blaze, and features music from Jet Set Radio composer, Hideki Naganuma. The … Read more

Super Rare Games Announces Five New Physical Releases For Nintendo Switch

Super Rare Games / Nintendo Life Super Rare Games has announced not one, two, three, or even four physical games for Nintendo Switch, but five – yes, five brand new hard copy releases for the hybrid platform. In order, there’s one from 505 Games, one from Daedalic Entertainment, another from Chucklefish, a fourth from Vertex … Read more

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice Releases On Switch In May

Note: The following trailer contains mature, sexual imagery. No, please don’t make me write about Leisure Suit Larry – yeah, I said I was sorry about not rinsing out my mug in the sink, but I hardly think this is fair punishment, just – ugh. Ok. Fine. Hello, dear Nintendo Life readers! What a wonderful … Read more

Youtubers Life 2 Will Dodge DMCAs on Switch Later This Year

Apparently our very own Alex Olney does the Floss on yachts all the time (Image: Raiser Games / UPLAY Online) For some individuals like this writer, who is older than they’d care to admit, trends and #content on YouTube make it a scary place of loud noises and annoying adverts for protein drinks. For others, … Read more

Sam & Max Save The World Remaster Getting A Limited Run Games Release

Late last year, the comic book crime-fighting duo Sam and Max returned to the spotlight in Sam & Max Save the World Remastered. This remaster was handled by Skunkape Games – a small indie dev comprised of former Telltale employees, who acquired the rights for Sam & Max Season One when Telltale shut down. If … Read more