Dirt 5 February DLC: Getting the Most from the Latest Content Drop – Xbox Wire

Hello there! Thank you to the entire Xbox community for embracing Dirt 5 since its launch in November last year on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. It’s already been one heck of a ride, and the entire Codemasters team has loved seeing your racing antics, photo mode shots, livery designs, and playgrounds creations. Seeing … Read more

Fire up the Time Machine: The Blizzard Arcade Collection Arrives Today – Xbox Wire

In celebration of Blizzard Entertainment’s 30th anniversary, we’ve recharged three of the very first games we ever developed — bringing forward all the history, hard work, and love that went into making them — and added a few extras. So, fire up the time machine and dive into the Blizzard Arcade Collection, available today on … Read more

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Two Begin February 25 – Xbox Wire

Summary Play Outbreak, a new, large-scale Zombies experience. Travel across snowy slopes, immense fields, and deserted buildings as you outwit and outgun zombie hordes. A long-forgotten ship. And a horrible secret bound to rattle even the most hardened soldier. Sink your teeth into the newest season of Warzone. Get two free weapons (FARA 83 Assault … Read more

Kill It With Fire Now Available for Pre-Order – Xbox Wire

Do you hate spiders? Would you be willing to destroy your immediate surroundings to live in a world with one less spider? Are you familiar with atomic weapons? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have great news: Kill It With Fire launches March 4 on Xbox One. Savvy exterminators can burn 20% off the price when … Read more

Ghostrunner Demo Available Now on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One – Xbox Wire

Summary Play through the first two levels of Ghostrunner — that’s over over 30 minutes of cyber ninja action! Join the official Ghostrunner Xbox Hub for all the latest game information. Ghostrunner is available now for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on the Xbox Store. Try the first two levels of one of the … Read more

Second Extinction Coming to Xbox Game Preview Spring 2021 – Xbox Wire

Hello all! A lot has happened since our lead producer, Brynley, last spoke to you back in May 2020, when we had just revealed our Dino-guts stuffed shooter, Second Extinction, during the Xbox Series X First Look event. An event that saw us all at Systemic Reaction virtually huddled around our home-bound workstations watching live … Read more